Hastings Pride 27th August 2023


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It was a chance meeting in a children’s playground that achieved what the world’s best entertainment lawyers and record company executives hadn’t been able to manage: to put back together one of the most influential acts of the 90s at the moment everyone wanted more 90s. The D:Ream team of Alan Mackenzie (‘DJ, backing vocals, Head of Comedy and Magic’) and singer/songwriter Peter Cunnah were back.

As the only band that  ever really brought together indie, pop and dance, D:Ream also created a double-platinum-selling anthem so powerful it not only got to the top of the charts but helped sweep away two decades of Conservative rule, bringing in New Labour on a wave of Cool Britannia and optimism. That particular bubble may have burst but if there was ever a need for more optimism, that time is now.

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Parade Starts from The Stade - Hastings Old Town at 11.00am

Hastings Pride Festival 12.00pm (Opens 11.40am) The Oval - Hastings